Companies Need Not Worry About Cloud Computing Costs

As companies prepare to migrate to the cloud, they are often concerned about how much the services cost. Yet they should not be so concerned, as the migration and ongoing costs will likely be paid off shortly, allowing the company to experience maximum benefits, according to a report by Rick Blaisdell, an IT expert.

During the setup phase, companies should find the right cloud provider, which will supply all of the applications and solutions the organization is looking for at a decent price. This will help minimize ongoing prices in the end. However, businesses should not judge a company on its price alone, Blaisdell noted, but look at the solutions it can offer and the service-level agreement provided.

Companies should also look at the cost of setup and migration before the actual move. This includes the cost of existing hardware. Most likely, companies will save money by removing this equipment and moving to the cloud, and they will experience even more savings if the hardware was already outdated and needed to be replaced, according to Blaisdell.

Many experts agree that since companies in the cloud pay only for what they use, they will most often experience a reduction in IT expenses, making the decision to move to the cloud a smart one in most instances.

Posted @ May 2, 2014, 4:30 pm.